Yoshi Sudarso, Pemeran Ranger Biru di serial ‘Power Rangers Dino Charge’

Yoshi Sudarso

Yoshi Sudarso (Foto : twitter)

Yoshi Sudarso, lahir di Jakarta, 12 April 1989, terpilih memerankan ranger biru di serial ‘Power Rangers Dino Charge’.

Yoshi sejak akhir 90-an pindah ke Amerika Serikat dan merintis karier mulai dari panggung catwalk hingga turut bergabung di serial televisi seperti ‘Lost Tomorrow’ (2007), ‘The Maze Runner’ (2014) dan ‘Most Wanted’ (2011).

Rencananya, ‘Power Rangers Dino Charge’ akan tayang di AS pada 2015 mendatang.


#zyuranger (Foto : twitter)

Yoshi Sudarso @Yoshistunts
Guys! I met the original red #zyuranger! This is amazing, he was so nice! I won’t lie. I fanboyed a little bit haha

#dinocharge #powerrangers

#dinocharge #powerrangers

Yoshi Sudarso @Yoshistunts
Being welcomed to the ranger family by the #megaforce cast. Yesterday was so awesome! #dinocharge #powerrangers

blue Dino Charge ranger!

blue Dino Charge ranger!

Yoshi Sudarso @Yoshistunts · Aug 23
Today I fulfilled my childhood dream. I’m so excited to be the new blue Dino Charge ranger!


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